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Geoff Hunt

The Man Behind The Veil

My Name Is Geoff Hunt

My background is in rare property and in acquisition and mergers. I have taken my own path through life and on the way I have met a lot of interesting and influential people. Helping a visionary achieve their vision is my strongest talent. A helicopter is the fastest way to show land but I am a yachtsman with a passion for the open ocean and love the opportunity to introduce remote properties by sea when possible.

I bought an Island when I was 29 and through that started a 30 year working relationship with the world's leading island dealer Vladi. (He is flying out next month to look at some opportunities around New Zealand.) Later I met Edward de Bono who also owned an island and introduced him to Mr Vladi. Through that connection Mr de Bono ended up owning five islands.

I use both my direct contacts in London and Europe and across the globe to access wealthy international buyers and expats looking to return to a perfect life by the water.

Those successful enough to make decisions beyond money are seeking a matchless level of privacy within a community of equals. I have the connections and understanding to bring that community together.

  • About The Landing

    The Landing is a place like no other. Surrounded by the calm and secluded waters of New Zealand's Bay of Islands, it is a spectacular thousand-acre landscape of dazzling ocean views, rolling green hills and rugged native bush fringed by six private beaches. It is also a place resonant with history.

  • About Vladi

    Few people can withstand the longing for their own private piece of land in the midst of vast oceans or an idyllic lake, far from the rush and confinement of the rest of the world. Even though it is of manageable size an island feels infinite - the water, creates a natural boundary that provides island dwellers with a freedom not found in any piece of real estate on the mainland.

  • About Te Arai

    This coastal property is surrounded by pristine NZ scenery with views of the ocean and a quick hop to the beach.

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